Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Birds and the Bees……and the fish in the Sea.

Many of us learned about the birds and the bees in our younger years. But seriously, I am not going to talk about the human anatomy here (we can leave that up to the TSA at American airports since they specialize in that now). What I want to mention is the astonishing deaths of birds and honey bees in addition to other wildlife such as fish recently.

As we enter 2011, more environmental issues are being reported. One that has got attention is the thousands of dead birds falling from the sky in the southern US. In Arkansas, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky and plummeted to the ground where they were found dead. A few days later in Louisiana 500 red-winged blackbirds fell out of the sky, most found dead. In the past week, nearly 100,000 fish washed up on the shores of the Arkansas River and in Chesapeake Bay, an estimated 2 million dead fish have washed up onto Maryland shores. Other reports of a mass of dead birds and fish being found recently have been reported around the world. Hundreds of dead turtle doves have been found in a town in northern Italy in the past few weeks, believed to have been poisoned. Different types of birds have been found dead in Canada, Sweden and other countries recently, however, being on a smaller scale.'

Much of the mainstream media have reported fireworks, localized hail, power lines, or other phenomena that caused the birds to panic and fly into one another (maybe it was Sylvester the cat!). These theories don’t explain why similar events are occurring in different areas of the United States and the world and it doesn’t explain the puzzle of mass fish deaths. I don’t buy much of those mainstream media theories. The mainstream media is a puppet for big corporations and the government, who in my opinion is hiding the real truth that caused this rare occurrence among others. Did fireworks cause the dead birds in Louisiana a few days later? No, of course not, and that is why the mainstream media is starting to downplay these incidents now. This could be result of toxins from a corporation or the actions of a government experiment. Maybe, just maybe, it could be fallout from all the oil and dispersants used on the massive BP oil spill last year. I hope people from the area don’t suffer the same fate as the birds. Maybe it is electomagnetical, biological or chemical warfare tests conducted by the US government. Another theory is HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program being conducted by the government. Maybe it is the result of some dirty deeds from big corporate powers. I am not a bird or fish expert myself and I am in Canada and have not seen a mass of dead birds on the ground (at least not yet). I am just stating theories that are being stated by various sources online. You can bet however, the government and big corporate powers would never come clean if they were behind it!

Another worrisome trend is that honeybees are dying off at an incredibly disturbing rate. Colony collapse disorder (CCD), a condition where bees stray from the hive and never find their way back, is wiping out millions of nature's pollinators every year. Some researchers believe that bee populations may be negatively affected by the rise in electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere due to the increasing numbers of wireless communication towers and mobile phones. Others state the growing use of chemical herbicides and pesticides could be killing the bee population. It also could be somehow related to climate change. The honeybee, which is the species of bees that is disappearing, is the insect that is the most important for the human food chain. The honeybee is the species that is the main pollinator of hundreds of types of food crops, nuts, flowers, fruits and vegetables. There may be various theories as to why the bee population is decreasing but the one fact remains the same. This will be a world catastrophe is this trend continues.'

Greedy corporations and the governments that cater to them, in my opinion, are probably the main reason for these wildlife deaths. Whoever is behind this, mother earth is giving us a warning. Could this be mass die-offs marking the beginning of a series of catastrophes? Is it signaling that the biblical last days are about to begin? There are superstitions regarding dead birds and bad omens. I don’t personally have to answer to these questions. One thing most sane people can agree on is this: We cannot keep abusing the planet the way we have been. We as the human species are poisoning our ecosystem at an alarming rate. Nature is interconnected and this issue will affect us all.