Sunday, July 24, 2011

CCSVI Works (MS Liberation Treatment) ..What Big Pharma does NOT want you to know!!

The interests of groups such as big Pharma have taken hostage of our western civilization. I previously wrote about the deceptions of Big Pharma and have a personal example of how they manipulate the health of the general population. This won’t be the last time I write about the corruption of drug companies and the politicians, doctors and other medical professionals who cater to them. I am not against advances in medicine and medicines when used correctly, however Big Pharma has become very corrupt over the past few decades.

In 2008 an Italian Vascular surgeon came up with the biggest MS break-through in the last 50 years. He discovered that many MS patients had chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). The Liberation treatment of multiple sclerosis the procedure that addresses this problem .By performing a simple angioplasty procedure many MS sufferers show improvements. These improvements are often dramatic.

I am touched by Multiple Sclerosis indirectly as I have some close friends with the disease. CCSVI is not done, nor, is it allowed to be done in Canada. It has been estimated that the procedure would cost $1500 per patient in Canada if done here. It is a small price to pay to have people live more productive lives with less dependence on government assistance. The government has outlawed it to be done for MS patients, even though this same procedure is done everyday for people that have other health conditions. Talk about discrimination against MS patients! It is another example of how doctors and health officials are bullied by big Pharmaceutical companies. They state there is not enough positive data to confirm that is helps. Just from reading articles and listening to people with MS that had this procedure done, it is more promising than any drug introduced recently. I wonder who is calling the shots here? Big Pharma does not want a cure for MS in my opinion. They make too much money from MS to have it taken away from them. Big Pharma wants you sick. Disease is their business. The more diseases and more people they can control the more money they make. Big Pharma controls our health authorities, doctors and governments by bribing and bullying in order to make more money. Big Pharma also has a huge control of the mainstream media who are bribed by millions of advertising dollars.

I want to specifically mention Lisa’s story. Lisa suffers from MS and had to live with this degenerative disease for over 15 years. As well as living with the disease, she had to listen to misguided information from the Canadian MS Society and to a great extent the Canadian medical profession. Lisa was previously on a drug called Avonex at $1500 per month for 16 years, which resulted in a huge cash cow for Big Pharma. Last year Lisa stopped taking this drug and surprisingly felt better afterwards. When Lisa took Avonex she would get flu like symptoms for two days after taking this drug every week. Also while on this drug Lisa would often get migraines. Many MS sufferers take many drugs to help control their disease. These drugs cost thousands of dollars per year for each person. It is estimated that there are about half a million people with MS in North America. That would equate to revenue in the billions for MS drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the cost of these drugs, the long-term side affects can cause liver damage, heart disease, osteoporosis and many other serious conditions. Some of these high priced drugs are not fully proven to help people with MS. That is exactly what they have been saying about the CCSVI treatment, that it is not proven. I know personally that while it is not a cure, it has given more relief from MS symptoms than the high priced drugs have. CCSVI should be giving the medical field the right path for a cure for MS.

Lisa had the CCSVI procedure done on June 21, at the Rhode Island Vascular Institute in Providence. I personally accompanied her on this trip. This facility is top notch and Providence is a great city. This procedure cost over $7000. It was a procedure that took a few hours. Lisa, as early as the next day after the procedure regained a great deal of her balance back. Currently, entering the second month after the procedure Lisa continues to improve, with better mobility, less fatigue, improvement in her balance, and coordination. Even her vertigo is gone and her bowel and bladder control has improved as well. This is because of the CCSVI procedure, not the expensive drugs! Are you listening Canadian MS Society? Are you listing Canadian Medicare? I am convinced that that the only thing you listen to is the sound of money and bribes by Big Pharma and a good portion of the medical field that would have to swallow their pride in admitting that Multiple Sclerosis is a vascular disease as opposed to an auto immune disease. Not only would it make a portion of the medical society look bad, they might also lose some kickback money from Big Pharma.

To date more than 15,000 people worldwide have had this procedure done successfully. There have been a few complications from this, mainly with people who have had stints put in. There were a few that did not receive any improvement. However, the improvement of thousands of people with MS far outweigh any risks involved.

The Canadian Government recently announced that they will begin clinical trials for the CCSVI procedure for MS patients. Who will be conducting these trials? Will it be biased doctors and the pharmaceutical industry? To my knowledge they haven’t asked the people that have left Canada to have this done, to participate in trials and studies for this procedure. In fact some doctors have turned their back to the patients that have had this done. Big Pharma along with selfish pride and greed control a great portion of the healthcare industry. The health of the patient is not top priority in many cases. It is time we collectively, as the general population start to change this.

I have added a few short youtube videos of Lisa Gallagher CCSVI.The first was a few days before the procedure and the second one was one day after the procedure. In addition here is Lisa's story in a local news article.
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Pre Liberation Video

Post Liberation Video

8 weeks Post Liberation