Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food Fight …The Fight of our Lives

We are living in an age of where our food and water supply is getting more toxic by the day. What makes it worse are the clever and deceptive marketing plots by many food manufacturers and retailers to make the consumer think that something is healthy when it is not. In fact, it is often very dangerous. It is all about profit for the mega food manufacturers and food chains. They make the product look appealing and increase the shelf life by putting toxic substances in it without telling the consumer anything that is not required by law. I was personally affected by a poor diet, health wise, and now am trying to do the right thing. I owe it to others to inform them when I can and pass the word along. Knowledge is power when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Is it any wonder why we live in a sick society that is dependant on numerous medications brought to you by corrupt Big Pharma? I am  going to expose the truth as much by inserting links to some great articles on what is in our food that you may want (or not want) to know. 

 July 6, 2015   We are getting poised from many angles It's not always food ...
.link between EMF pollution and chronic disease symptoms

July 6 , 2015   Are they trying to kill us with cancer ?

June 23, 2015        10 Worst Food Companies that are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It      see more at

June 11, 2015 I'm NOT lovin it !!! What 72 Ingredients Does McDonald’s Really Put In Big Macs?   ....

June 11, 2015    I feel like chicken tonight ??  Maybe not !!     See more  

June 11, 2015  Store bought almond milk is not the health food most consumers believe ... see more at 

June 8, 2015   General Mills and Kelloggs are putting BHT along with other toxins in your kids cereal see more 

Feb 8, 2015 Would you like fries with that ?  NOT

Feb 4,2015  What you should know about cooking oils..... Thanks food babe :)

Feb 4, 2015  Can any major corporate retailer be trusted?

Feb 4, 2015  Rethink What you are feeding your kids for breakfast

Sept 10, 2014  14 Things People Probably Do Not Want To Know About Their Favorite Foods

Aug 31, 2014    What is in your bread ?  What to avoid and what to buy for health. For more information

Aug 31, 2014  Do you drink tea?  You may want to consider may not be as healthy as you think.   .

Aug 21, 2014      What are they putting in your beer ?

April 4, 2014  Another deception by the food industry.......Poisonous Sweetner Aspartame Renamed Aminosweet.   
See more at :

April 2, 2014   We knew this stuff wasn't good for you but...........
KFC, Chick-fil-A, Burger King and Other Fast Food Restaurants Caught Using Huge Quantities of MSG While Calling Their Menu Items Fresh
 See more at:

March 31, 2014   Most conventional "red" meat is bleached or ammonia-treated to kill the E. coli
and then dyed back pink, like with hamburger and steak, to look attractive in the butcher's window. They want to believe that the meat just shows up magically, without all the horrific processing and inhumane living quarters.
Learn more:

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