Monday, February 23, 2015

Pills, Poison and Propaganda

We are living in an ever increasingly deceptive society. Whether it’s our governments, mega corporations, medical system and media, people are being fed more information than at any other time in human history.  We have to be careful to check the source of the information that is given to us and the motive behind the source of it.

Do you realize that most of the mainstream media in North America is owned by a few corporations? They tend to tell the public the news in the way that satisfies the interest of these corporations and the corporations that spend millions of dollars to advertise on these networks and newspapers. Corporations exist for the purpose of maximizing profits for the shareholders.
For example, Big Pharma is interested in customers not cures! Big Agra including Monsanto, arguably the most corrupt company on the planet, are more concerned about profits above the health of consumers. Big food conglomerates are increasingly cutting corners and using cheaper and often more toxic substances in the processed food they sell us. To make the consumer buy their products they use clever marketing terms like “No Fat” “All Natural “and similar slogans along with eye catching packaging to sell more product.
Restaurants such as Subway and McDonalds have been caught using azodicarbonamide, which  is the same chemical used to make yoga mats, shoe soles, and other rubbery objects for their bread. Only when they get caught and the truth is exposed they confess and vow to clean up their act. What else are they hiding from us? How can they really be trusted? There are hundreds of artificial ingredients that are often hidden from the consumer to make the product taste and look better, all to maximize profit.
Big Pharma is turning into the Big Farce.  Recently, there is a lot of controversy over vaccinations.  The concept of limited clean vaccines might be warranted in some cases; however, most vaccines that are given to the general population have many toxins in them.  Many vaccines are not safe and have been reported to cause autism in children, infertility, seizures and in a few cases death.  Many vaccines contain toxins like mercury, aluminum, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), MSG and formaldehyde. Corporations like Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline are granted immunity from vaccine lawsuits in which a victim is harmed by a vaccine. I am not an expert on vaccines and suggest it is up to every individual to make an informed decision on whether to vaccinate yourself or your children. This is a good site to refer to for the other side of the vaccine story.  Natural News does a lot of great work in alerting people to the dangers of vaccines along with chemicals in our food.
The last vaccine I got was the H1N1 vaccine five years ago. I was not informed back then and did not think past the corporate media and pharmaceutical companies pushing this in their best interest.  Clean eating and taking vitamins and immunity supplements are in most cases better than a vaccine.  Sorry Big Pharma, that suggestion might take away revenue from you.
I can share a personal story with a pharmaceutical drug. After a marriage breakup fourteen years ago I was prescribed Paxil, an anti-depressant. I didn’t think anything wrong with taking this powerful medication that has a direct bearing on the chemistry of your brain. I was naive back then and thought Big Pharma was everyone’s friend and really wanted to make people healthy. I know better now. Big Pharma is a friend of their shareholders and their corporate buddies like Monsanto. Fast forward fourteen years and while being on the lowest dose prescribed at 10 mg. I was weaning off to one every two days.  I stopped taking them for a week, because it was summer and I didn’t need them.  After all, I wasn’t consuming aspartame and other chemicals that would contribute to depression anymore. I also was taking omega 3 and turmeric to ward off depression.   After one week of the lowest dose of Paxil I was having brain shocks and felt strange. I caved in after a few weeks and started taking 5 mg (half a pill) every day. Talk about Big Pharma wanting to make someone dependant on a drug! My advice to anyone considering Paxil or a similar drug is to think twice before taking that toxic garbage. There are natural remedies out there in addition to eliminating putting toxic chemicals in your body.  Sorry Big Pharma, that suggestion is bad for business!
I need to stop writing this article for now and tune into CNN. FOX or NBC and see what is going on today. With the exception of Brian Williams I don’t trust anything they say anymore. They are messengers for their corporate bosses. Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Food and other mega corporations either own or dictate through advertisement money how the news is presented to the general public.  We live in a more deceptive world every day and unfortunately too many of North Americans are drinking the tainted Kool Aid.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food Fight …The Fight of our Lives

We are living in an age of where our food and water supply is getting more toxic by the day. What makes it worse are the clever and deceptive marketing plots by many food manufacturers and retailers to make the consumer think that something is healthy when it is not. In fact, it is often very dangerous. It is all about profit for the mega food manufacturers and food chains. They make the product look appealing and increase the shelf life by putting toxic substances in it without telling the consumer anything that is not required by law. I was personally affected by a poor diet, health wise, and now am trying to do the right thing. I owe it to others to inform them when I can and pass the word along. Knowledge is power when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Is it any wonder why we live in a sick society that is dependant on numerous medications brought to you by corrupt Big Pharma? I am  going to expose the truth as much by inserting links to some great articles on what is in our food that you may want (or not want) to know. 

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