Thursday, May 19, 2016

Debt, Disease and Depression….Time to Break the Chains and Rise Above

Tragically so many people in our society are slaves to debt, disease and depression. That usually translates into being slaves for the Big Banks, Big Pharma and the Governments that answer to them. It is designed that way. Credit is easy, cheap toxic food is easy, and pharmaceutical drugs which are often toxic in the long term are easy.  When we start down the slippery path to being dependent and trapped in the system mentioned above it seems innocent, in fact it is often pleasurable.  Buy now and worry about the bill later, not even thinking if we have the ability to pay it. Consume toxic junk food now and enjoy it as it normally does not affect your health overnight. Take pharmaceutical drugs to put a band aid on the problem without addressing the root cause.  I am a victim and I am trying to recover.  I woke up a few years ago and after years of falling into the trap, recovery is not overnight.

Corporations are destroying our planet in the name of greed.  Between corporate demons like Nestle and Monsanto, the very right to life itself is becoming a commodity. Access to clean food and water are becoming a privilege only available to those have the ability to pay for it. Pharmaceutical companies are making billions and billions of dollars and continue to find ways to make more by pushing more vaccines and making people sicker off the medication they provide. Banks are tricking people into getting high interest credit cards knowing that they are setting up a trap. For instance in a day of close to 0 percent interest rates, Capital One is still charging 24 %. Big Pharma seeks enormous profits over the health and well-being of the humans it serves, and drug companies have a major influence on the way that the healthcare industry delivers its vital services. The story of Big Pharma is the exact same story of how Big Government, Big Oil, Big Agri-Chem Giants like Monsanto have come to power. The controlling shareholders of all these major industries are one and the same. Big Money belonging to the global central banking cabal own and operate all the Fortune 500 companies in addition to virtually all national governments on this earth. I personally want to break the chains and become free of this form of slavery!

By staying healthy you deny the pharmaceutical companies the profit it expects to harvest from your disease.  Now you know why they seek to destroy natural medicine and nutritional knowledge (quote by Mike Adams of There are small steps you can begin to do right now to make a difference and start putting a dent in the stranglehold these corporations have on us.

First step is to get out of debt. I know it is easier said than done in some cases. My advice is do not use credit for any impulse purchases and if you use credit pay it off every month. If you are deep in credit card debt get it consolidated into a lower interest rate loan or get a second income to pay down your debt as soon as possible. We need to deny the corrupt bankers that are draining society. If we can deny the Corrupt Bankers a few dollars each collectively it will make a difference.

As far as health is concerned, it is time to take action now if you haven’t already. Get off the corporate processed and junk food. Major corporate food conglomerates do not care about you or your health. They care about the bottom line and seek to increase profits by filling their food with toxic chemicals and cheap ingredients. That also applies to low grade multivitamins and supplements such as Centrum that are full of synthetic toxins (  Start going to the local farmers markets. This serves two purposes. First you support your neighbor instead of a major corporation. Secondly, in most cases the food at the farmers market is usually better for you and not full of chemicals. If possible grow a garden. If you are in an apartment you can even grow a few herbs such as mint and oregano on a balcony. Again if we do this collectively we put a dent in the chains of the corporate bullies controlling us and making us sick.

We all should explore the health benefits of herbs and essential oils. I personally drink herbal teas such as chaga and dandelion which can have some health benefits. I am learning about and using essential oils for healing purposes. Many of the herbs and essential oils have great healing powers without the toxic side effects. Cannabis has many healing powers as well although I am not an advocate of getting high all day.  Each one of us has the responsibility for our own and our families’ health. Sadly our government, Big Agra and Big Pharma are not interested in your health. It is all business to them and you are nothing but a number or a consumer. Do you ever hear a big corporation refer to us as fellow human beings? One by one we need to rise up now and take action; even it is small steps to get our lives back and break the chain of control our governments and corporate powers have imposed on us.