Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wars and Rumours of Wars….. Is Iran Next?

I am afraid we are going to wake up some morning and all hell is going to break lose in the Middle East and then spread around the world. We have a lot of psychopath leaders in this world that are bringing us closer to World War III. After a decade in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and a few others the US and their allied military forces have their sights set on Iran.

While a great many North Americans are concerned about American idol and who is going to win the Super Bowl (go Patriots!) there are some pretty serious and scary issues going on behind the scenes. While economies are teetering on the brink in Europe and the United States, the talk of war between the West and Iran is heating up. The mainstream media always points the finger at Iran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. While American and European officials believe Tehran is planning to build nuclear weapons, Iran’s leadership says that its goal in developing a nuclear program is to generate electricity. There have been much talk over the past year of Israel is preparing to launch a preemptive nuclear strike to disable Iran’s nuclear program. One thing to point out is that Israel has over 100 nuclear warheads and India and Pakistan also have nuclear weapons. I am not pro Iran but the west needs to stop trying to pick a war with them. Ironically most of the citizens of Iran, the United States, Europe and Canada want peace. Our leaders seem to have other agendas. One might need to follow the money trail as well to understand why recent wars have occurred.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have cast strict sanctions on Iran's energy and financial sectors. Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in possible retaliation to new U.S. and European economic sanctions, a tactic the US has said it would not tolerate. The Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf and choke off close to 20% the world’s oil supplies. Analysts have warned the price of Brent crude could jump to as high as $200 if the strait is closed. Despite what the mainstream media suggests the US is in a recession and the economy can’t handle any more giant hits. The European economy certainly can’t either. China supports Iran and purchases large quantities of oil from Iran and has stated that it will assist Iran if attacked even if it means WW3.

Why do you think the NDAA (National Defence Authorization Act) was passed recently? In fact President Obama signed it on New Years Eve when many weren’t paying attention. I won’t get into the specifics of the NDAA but many people think, including myself that the US government and the corporate elites that control them want to prepare for civil unrest from a major war or economic collapse, or perhaps both of these. Can you imagine the streets of America if there is no food on the grocery store shelves and no gas at the pumps? If some Americans can stampede to rush into a store on Black Friday or fight to buy an overpriced pair of Michael Jordan sneakers manufactured by Nike’s slave labour, do you think most Americans are going to be civil when real hell breaks lose?

If the US and their allies think that Iran will be another Iraq, they are sadly mistaken. Hell will be unleashed upon the world if war breaks out in Iran. Millions of innocent people in the Middle East and North America will be killed. Nuclear and biological weapons could even be used. This would certainly drive up the price of oil and pretty well finish off the US and European economies and greatly affect many others throughout the world. War is no game. North Americans are bombarded with the media selling war as being cool and sexy. Hollywood produces a lot of war movies and video games teach kids at a young age to have fun shooting and killing people. The citizens are conditioned to it. This is real though, and this war may rear its ugly head on North American soil like no other war has. There are millions of Americans that do not want a war with Iran and want peace. Lets hope and pray that sanity prevails and the worse is averted.