Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Toxic World….

More and more in your industrialized, expanding planet we are living in a toxic world. The world population is about 7 billion which has risen steady from close to one billion two hundred years ago. More and more people need to be fed and the people in the industrialized part of the planet have a high standard of living based on consumerism. This comes with a price. Unfortunately large multi national corporations put the bottom line ahead of the health of the planet and the people on it. Our food, water and our air are becoming toxic in many cases. Many people are starting to realize the dangers of the toxins that are bombarding us every day. This is affecting the health of the planet and the people who live in this world from every corner of the globe. Diseases like cancer, neurological diseases, lung diseases, digestive diseases and other ailments can be traced to what is being put into our bodies. I am going to be writing about the toxins in our air, our water, our food and practically all areas of our lives ongoing on this blog. I am passionate about clean living now. I realize that many of our diseases and ailments are caused by our toxic world. I plan to expose the truth when I see a company and our governments deliberately expose us to toxins just to maximize profits. I will also expose the mainstream media that often covers these issues up. Often the media is controlled by the very same companies that are polluting our planet. I live in a small Canadian province of New Brunswick; witch has a population of under a million people. For example, on a small scale, all newspapers in this province are owned by the very same company that has a large oil refinery and pulp and paper mills, and bully our government and citizens to get what they want. It is no accident they want to control the media. I don’t have the faith in our medical system either that is highly controlled by Big Pharma. There are some good doctors and medical professionals out there, but they are up against a corrupt system as well. I have seen our toxic diet, which includes the air, we breathe and the water we drink make us sick. I have seen the medical system cover up the real facts too. I have personally fought through Crohns disease and had a specialist in the past tell me that a healthy lifestyle probably did not make a difference, all while writing out a prescription for a toxic drug. I have seen personally Multiple Sclerosis patients being blocked from a procedure that works, all to be exposed to toxic drugs. I am not a doctor nor will I ever be, but I have seen people overcome medical issues by changing their diet and lifestyle. We can’t cut out toxins in our lives completely, but we can reduce them dramatically if we try. Money and power control this planet to a huge extent. We need to break the chains! I am planning to break a link in this chain by my future blogs on our toxic world. Stay tuned.