Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Green Revolution...

Finally the election campaign in the United States is over. After months of political bickering, promises and much publicity, the Democrat Party under Barack Obama has been elected. One of the things that Barack Obama has campaigned on is alternative energy sources and the will to combat global warming and climate change. We as Canadians and Americans must do our part on an individual level if we really care about global warming and environmental issues. The governments can only set guidelines and offer incentives to make it easier to go green. While we can't all convert our homes to solar power or build a wind power turbine in our front yard, we can all play a part in performing acts of green everyday.

If everyone in the western world, did one deed of green everyday it would go a long way towards a cleaner planet. Perhaps we can pick a piece of garbage off the ground and throw it in its proper place. Maybe we can use a mug in the office for our coffee or tea instead of a disposable styrofoam or paper cup. Maybe we can walk or bike to work instead of taking or car or if you live far from work you can carpool or take public transportation. Another idea is to perhaps fill an empty plastic water bottle instead of buying a new one when you head out for a walk or to the gym. It will save the amount of plastic produced and may save you some money in the long term. Perhaps we can insulate our windows at home today to keep the cold draft out and reduce your heating bill. I sealed my windows at home this week using duct tape around the window edges and covering the windows with plastic. Keep in mind that this can be done for less than twenty dollars in most cases and the savings will more than pay for it. I really don't like wasting heat and money. Another thing we can look at doing is buying LED Christmas lights this year for your home. These are just a few examples of "acts of green" that we can follow.

If everyone practiced at least one act of green everyday we would help combat global warming and environmental issues. This is what we should be doing while we urge corporations and governments to bring about greener sources of energy such as solar power, wind power, and tidal power. Being environmentally conscious starts on the individual level. We can only expect politicians and corporations to promote and practice environmentally friendly practices if we practice them ourselves.

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