Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green Stimulus...Tuesday, February 10. 2009

In North America and throughout a great part of the world, governments are trying to find ways to stimulate their economies. We are hearing of tax rebates and spending programs to be initiated by governments to help get the economy back on track. Deficits seem to be in style again, especially in the US when over a trillion dollars of taxpayer's money are planned to be used to bail out big corporations that are failing. I am not going to go on about the politics behind bailouts and the reasons we are in this mess. I am going to suggest that if governments want to spend money, that they do so in a reasonable way. This is a once in a generation chance for governments, businesses and individuals to get on the green train.

We have environmental issues facing us. North Americans are dependant on oil and fossil fuels. These energy sources have a negative environmental impact. We have a decaying infrastructure, which includes roads and bridges. Imagine if the American government took the billion dollars that they plan to give to banks and other fallen corporations, to promote alternate energy sources. Do you think these greedy banks and other corporate CEOs care about going green? In fact they have been thinking green for years. Yes they think green day and night. Green as in money!! The majority of them care only about numbers (as in dollars) and power, not the rest of the country and the environment. We need to work together as a nation whether you are in the US, Canada or somewhere else in the world, and work towards a better society. Lets direct government stimulus packages to develop cleaner, green vehicles and mass transportation sources. Lets put money towards fixing our aging infrastructure. We need to direct government money into developing and promoting energy sources such as geothermal, solar power, wind power, and solar power. We can direct money into healthy lifestyles and researching cures for diseases such as cancer, heart disease and MS. Lets not waste this opportunity and throw this money on foolish schemes that benefit the rich. We need to stop bailing out the wealthy. Big oil companies have dictated way to long as well. Former President George Bush was a puppet for big oil and big banks. I see hope with Barack Obama. Lets hope that he makes the right decisions. He is not going to be perfect, nor can he change anything by himself. We all need to pitch in and do our part. We need to think a different way as people of a nation. This is our chance to make things right for future generations. We as citizens of our countries need to make our leaders accountable for the money they are going to spend the next few years. Our children and we will be faced with a huge bill after the economic cleanup. The question is will our planet and ideals be cleaned up?

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